Requirements for Membership

The following are a list of requirements each shop must meet to become or remain a member of the Hamton Roads Autobody Association. This list will ensure you provide the highest quality of work and the service to your customers.

  1. Have an established business location that complies with local, state, federal licenses and permits, zoning laws and operates within acceptable retail standards.

  3. Maintain proof of garage keeper’s liability and workers’ compensation insurance or equivalent.

  5. Management personnel will have evidence of current and ongoing training in relevant management subjects and maintain transcripts or certificates.

  7. Maintain evidence of current and ongoing employee technical training and certification programs with certification programs with a certified refinish technician.

  9. Have a gas metal arc (GMA/MIG) welder and technicians qualified or certified in proper welding techniques.

  11. Have a four-point anchoring system capable of holding a vehicle in a stationary position during frame and/or unibody pulls which is suitable for the specific type of vehicle being repaired.

  13. Have pressurized spray booth equipped with a fresh air-supplied respirator system that meets current federal, state and local requirements.

  15. Properly dispose of spray booth filters and hazardous waste.

  17. Provide proper safety equipment and work environment for all employees.

  19. Have a documented on-going system for measuring, tracking and reporting customer satisfaction.